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Q What is the Step Step Read Program?

A Step Step Read is a supplemental reading program that provides tools to motivate and support early learning. It incorporates hands-on, tactile learning. It teaches students to sound out words in easy-to-learn ways.

Q What is included in the kit?

A This learn to read kit includes: • A set of 26 coloured one-inch blocks with letters, words and pictures • 33, 8 page booklets to learn from in our step program • A stuffed version of our mascot, Zip • Instruction booklet on how the kit should be used

Q Is this reading program only for children?

A No! The great thing about this program, is that it can be used for anyone! If you never learned to read or are learning as an English Language Learner (ELL) it can work for you, too! Don't be embarrassed to learn to read this way. It will help you be confident and successful.

Q Is it hard to teach someone how to read?

A Not at all! This program is a simple and fun way to teach AND to learn to read! The kit comes with simple instructions on how to use it. You and the student will enjoy using the blocks to spell out words. You start with the easiest ones and as they build their confidence, new words will be introduced.

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